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God Or Magic ?

2 Kings 5:11 .. I thought surely he would come out and wave his hand over the disease and heal it.
I was delivering a truck in Vegas some time back , and drove by the MGM Grand  on my way to the airport , and noticed David Copperfield was going to be performing his magic show there as the weeks would follow. That made me think about a story in 2 Kings about a man named Naaman. He was a captain of the Syrian army and had done great exploits ,  but he had an issue with the fact that he was a “leper”. He was told by his maid if he got to Israel , there was a prophet there that could pray for him , and he would get healed.  In short he went to the prophet and was told to go dip 7 “times” in the river Jordon. It was muddy and he lost his temper and said something classical of us humans.  2 Kings 5:11 …  I thought surely he would come out and wave his hand over the disease and heal it.
He was wanting some kind of magic wand so to speak , and there wasn’t going to be any.
He finally obeyed and did what he was instructed , and received his healing.
I was thinking of the number of times in my own life that I had expected “God” to do it the way I thought it should be , and nothing happened.  I believe God does miracles because the “Word” says he does, but he is not doing any David Copperfield tricks. He can and will do mighty wonders and acts according to circumstances , faith , and so on ,  but lets remember he’s a ” realist God” dealing in reality.  Peter walked on water  , but that doesn’t mean we can , unless we have divine permission as he did . That’s the Catalyst , “divine permission”.

God bless you on your Journey !!


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