My Life Is Broken : Now What ?

Romans 8:28 …. all things work together for good to them that love God ……

To tell someone God fixes broken lives is all and good , but what if it’s your life that’s broken ? It’s a very serious issue that needs not only answer’s , but practical answers you can sink your teeth into.
If you are a believer in Christianity , it can make it easier , but not necessarily better. First and foremost , you must , I repeat “must” believe that God is in total control of all happening’s on this planet , and that he has a plan for your life. If one cannot get beyond that , all the rest of their life will be lived out in hit and miss , resulting in confusion , no matter how much teaching or counseling they receive.
Realistically speaking , the catalyst of life , revolves around breaking and mending.  No difference in how low one has sunk in this life , God has a way of incorporating the broken pieces of a life
into his wonderful plan . The negative part of brokenness is that it blinds you for a season. Any answer given during that season cannot be utilized until the grieving is over. As one develops their trust in the fact , that God truly is in control and does have a plan for their life , they will start seeing him at work. See God in everything and you can make it through anything !

God bless you on your journey !


2 comments on “My Life Is Broken : Now What ?

  1. How do you see God in everything when everywhere you look there is corruption, despair, war, grief, and hate. How can one have faith that God is in control when such horrific things occur in this world. Back int he day of Jesus there were huge miracles for the areas. There were burning bushes, and heck even loud God voices saying “this is my son for whom i am well pleased.” Where is that God that boldly made himself known to man kind? Why does a good person that takes care of him/her self die while a person smoking and living in complete sin and disobedience continues to live? I’ve tried. I believe in God and I so desperately want to believe he is in control of all things but I feel he has left the world to its own destruction.

    **I accidentally posted to the wrong blog entry

  2. I know what your saying, and it appears that God has left this world to it’s own devices , but what we are seeing around us is God’s word being fulfilled. The only way one can have hope in this world , is through having a personal relationship with Christ. It’s one thing to” know about him” and altogether different to “know him”. My wife and I lost a child some years ago , and I went through great stress trying to understand why ? I had accepted Christ earlier and that helped me , but I had to get through it. I had personal experiences with the “Lord” or that would have done it for me. Remember when Jesus talked about the end of the world , he said these horrible times would come upon the world.The whole chapter of luke 21 talks about this. If one doesn’t believe God is controlling Life’s circumtances there is no hope. Do you think the world would still be standing if he’s not , giving the fact of all the idiots in the world and nuclear power. The world is going exactly the way it supposed to. It’s just a matter of time before we see the final wrap up, when God calls mankind together for Judgment. If there ever was a time to ask Christ in one’s heart , now is the time . God bless !

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