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Facing Potipher’s Wife

Genesis 41:40…. according unto thy word , shall my people be ruled !

God has a plan for every person that come’s into this world .

   Whatever path we choose  , good or bad, will be woven into the fabric of his plan. If you chose life, then you are destined to the palace of Gods choosing! There are also people sent into your life to try and stop you from arriving at the palace. Remember Joseph? A beautiful story, in your bible in Genesis!  Now Potiphars wife was so little thought of, the Holy Spirit never even recognized her name. She can come to you in many forms. Her mind set is to stop you from arriving at Gods destiny for you ! You  can dwell with her in the same surroundings for a while, until she starts coercing you to have intimate relations with her. If we say no [ hopefully we will ] enough times , she will eventually have us kicked out of her company. The good part , is if she has us kicked out of her house, then we will not have to contend with her again. God will then have us prepared for the next step in his beautiful plan for our lives.

God bless you on your journey !



One comment on “Facing Potipher’s Wife

  1. I know what your saying, and it appears that God has left this world to it’s own devices , but what we are seeing around us is God’s word being fulfilled. The only way one can have hope in this world , is through having a personal relationship with Christ. It’s one thing to” know about him” and altogether different to “know him”. My wife and I lost a child some years ago , and I went through great stress trying to understand why ? I had accepted Christ earlier and that helped me , but I had to get through it. I had personal experiences with the “Lord” or that would have done it for me. Remember when Jesus talked about the end of the world , he said these horrible times would come upon the world.The whole chapter of luke 21 talks about this. If one doesn’t believe God is controlling Life’s circumtances there is no hope. Do you think the world would still be standing if he’s not , giving the fact of all the idiots in the world and nuclear power. The world is going exactly the way it supposed to. It’s just a matter of time before we see the final wrap up, when God calls mankind together for Judgment. If there ever was a time to ask Christ in one’s heart , now is the time . God bless !

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